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What’s Your problem? Ah, It’s Business Isn’t It?

What’s your problem? There you go, complaining again. You are the one who decided to start your own business – so start doing business and stop moaning about it.    I often have to give myself a stern talking to. It was not always so. When I was an employee the world made sense and […]

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You Must Ask for Directions on Your Business Journey

A while ago I heard a story on the radio about a woman in Belgium who set off on a 38 mile journey to collect a friend from the railway station in Brussels and ended up two days later in Zagreb – having stopped for fuel more then once, passed road signs in many different languages and (probably) passed […]

keeping your business busy with digital marketing | 7 Days to Digital Marketing Success

[Day 7] 7 Day to Digital Marketing Success

Keeping Your Business Busy With Digital Marketing Using digital marketing tools allows you to amplify the effectiveness of word of mouth; opening your business up to new customers while continuing to engage your current customers – who are often the source of word of mouth recommendations in the first place. The past six days have […]